Corporate Outline

Net Sales

446.7 billion yen

B-to-B Business Registered Customer IDs

Over 5.2 million

LOHACO Number of Buying Customers

1.1 million

Number of Products Handled

B-to-B :
12.47 million items

B-to-C : about
1.06 million items

Number of Original Products
(B-to-B and B-to-C combined)

About 14,139 items

Original Products

Number of Distribution Centers

10 bases

*100% Group-operated warehouses

Number of Trees Planted Under the 1 Box 2 Trees Project

229 million trees

1 box for 2 trees project Open in new window

*October 2010 ~ March 2024

Number of Waste Reductions under the Go Ethical Initiative

1,460,301 items

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*as of April 20,2024

Total Purchase Amounts

over ¥ 4.5 trillion

Ratio of Net Sales in the Internet Domain


LOHACO EC Marketing Lab Participants

117 companies


1,154 companies

Number of Customer Inquiries

1.73 million

Number of Customer Inquiries Responded via Chatbot


  • Figures are for the fiscal year ended May 20, 2023, or as of May 20, 2023, aside from those with an explanatory note.