Introducing the ASKUL WAY, consisting of Purpose, Values, and DNA.

We have defined our new ASKUL WAY in December 2020.
In the ASKUL WAY, Our Purpose and Our Values are underpinned by Our DNA.
Our DNA, the spirit that underlies our company, has always been “Advancing forward for our customers,” which we have valued since our founding.

Arising from this spirit is Our Purpose, which conveys the reason why we exist and what our responsibilities are to society, and Our Values, which represent the ideals we must maintain in order to realize Our Purpose

The actions that each employees carry out in accordance with the meaning of the connection of these words in mind will create the new driving force for ASKUL.

The new ASKUL WAY serves as the cornerstone for transforming ourselves as a company in accordance with change.


Continuously Bringing Delight to
Our Workplace, Life, the Planet and Tomorrow

The field of ASKUL is a daily life that goes on every day.
When you find something you like, when you open a box that arrived, or when you feel good after using something, ASKUL delivers many small delights to every corner of Japan today.

But that is not all.
From now on, it is becoming our mission not only bringing delight to people’s work and daily lives, but also to realizing optimal delight for future of the planet in the fastest possible time.
The word “tomorrow” in the name of ASKUL has changed from a word that expresses a sense of speed to a word that expresses sustainability.
We will update the significance of the name ASKUL as a company that bring delight not only to our customers, but also to the future of the planet.

There is the delight that comes from reliable delivery, and there is also the delight created by new services.
No matter how much the times change in the future, we will continue to evolve ourselves and update delight one after another.
As a company that has continued to challenge new innovations for our customers, we believe that ASKUL will become an indispensable presence for the planet.


Innovation and Speed

Always a step ahead in achieving optimal innovation for our customers and our planet

Diversity and Co-creation

Respecting diversity across the spectrum and co-creating with each talent

Reliability and Dignity

Accomplish with reliability, approach with dignity and humility

“Guaranteeing the next-day delivery of even just one pencil”—this is the origin of ASKUL service.
We wanted to create a service that delivers the products customers need, in the quantities they need, “tomorrow”.
It is commonplace in the industry today, but at the time of our founding in 1993, this was a new value that did not yet exist in the market.
Providing new value by balancing two things that are difficult to achieve is what makes ASKUL unique.
Our Values are based on the theme of achieving both.


Advancing Forward for Our Customers

The corporate philosophy, which we have valued since our founding, ” Advancing Forward for Our Customers,” will be passed down to us as the spirit that underpins Our Purpose and Our Values.

ASKUL Self-Innovation Indicators

Even as our company grows, we must never forget our commitment to our customers, which has been passed down to us since our founding.
We have been and will continue to create new value for our customers by constantly improving and innovating while asking ourselves these indicators as the cornerstone of our work.

  • Are current products and services sufficient?
  • Are customers pleased with our services?
  • Are we creating burdens or inconvenience for customers?
  • How much trouble was caused by burdening customers?
  • Are we keeping our promise to customers and have we retained their trust?
  • Are we inspiring customers?
  • Are customers empathetic?
  • Are we providing customers with a sense of camaraderie?
  • Is customer happiness facilitating my personal happiness?
  • Do customers want to utilize ASKUL again?
  • Are we doing our best for customers?