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Please read the Terms and Conditions before signing up for IR E-mail Alerts.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1) ASKUL handles personal information in accordance with the ASKUL Information Security Policy and Privacy Policy. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.
  • 2) If mail alerts to your registered e-mail address result in a delivery error message, your e-mail address may be deleted. In addition, ASKUL may suspend or discontinue the IR E-mail Alert Service without advance notice.
  • 3) ASKUL accepts no liability whatsoever, irrespective of cause, for any disadvantage suffered by registered customers as a consequence of their use of the IR E-mail Alert Service or the inability to use the service as designed.

If you agree with the above, please click “Agree and Continue”.

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Cancellation of Registration

To cancel registration, please complete the IR E-mail Alert Service Cancellation Form.

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